CAPF continues to be the largest provider of Long Term Disability coverage for professional firefighters in California

CAPF Benefits

Long Term Disability

The words LTD mean something very different in the LTD insurance world. With our competitors, It means benefits may be payable only to age 65.

When you have the CAPF Plan, it means so much more. If you are totally disabled, CAPF will pay you monthly benefits no matter how long you survive after becoming disabled.

Plan Members

CAPF has the largest group of firefighters within California with nearly 18,000 members. 3 of every 4 professional firefighters have CAPF. CAPF has over 158 firefighter associations. We have paid in excess of 4600 claims and more than $85 million in benefits to members and their families since 1985

Percentages of Wages Protected

CAPF pays the highest percentage of wages when one of our members becomes disabled.

CAPF pays up to 80% of wages, tax-free, including most all additional add-on incentives such as hazmat, technical rescue, holiday pay, uniform allowance, longevity, etc.

(100% of wages for Catastrophic Disabilities for up to 30 months – not to exceed
maximum monthly benefit of $11,000, per month, tax-free)
(No reductions for Workers’ Compensation Permanent Disability settlements)

Our competitors only offer a 66 2/3% benefit.

Actuarially Sound

CAPF provided third party actuarial reports and audited financial statements regarding the Plan to the California Department of Insurance prior to June 30, 2017, as required by law (former AB 1072).  The audited financial statements include liability/reserve amounts recommended by an independent actuarial firm.  In the opinion of these actuaries, as of end of the most recent plan year, the established liabilities/reserves are expected to be adequate to satisfy contractual obligations and are consistent with applicable Actuarial Standards of Practice. CAPF has paid in excess of 4600 claims and more than $85 million in benefits to our members and their families since 1985.

Death Benefit

CAPF has a streamlined claim service that provides a convenient 1-800 number to immediately assist members to answer questions and provide initial claim processing. Additionally, our claims office can process the $15,000 death benefit within 24 hours of of notification.


Member Managed & Controlled

CAPF, unlike our competitors, is member managed and member controlled. Each Association with 50 or more members has an equal vote on the corporate Board of Directors. Our competitors are managed and controlled by profit motivated insurance companies. They have changed their corporate structure, benefits, and premium in order to remain operational. Their members have no say in how the insurance company manages or controls their costs and benefits.


“Beverly Hills Fire was one of the charter groups to join the CAPF LTD Plan back in 1987. The benefits have been delivered as promised and most importantly — on time. We could not be more pleased with the entire operation from the self-management of the Plan to the administration of the Plan.”

– Dave Perusse, Beverly Hills Firefighters Association

“For nearly 30 years, CAPF has been one of the best benefits we have ever offered to our members! It has been cost effective and comprehensive when it comes to protecting the financial livelihood of many of our disabled brother and sister firefighters – don’t leave home without it”

– Julian Malloy, San Jose Fire, CAPF Director

“Over the past 25 years, CAPF has delivered disability benefits to our members in a timely and professional manner. Our members understand the importance of protecting their income and no other LTD Plan offered to professional firefighters comes close. We are very pleased to recommend the CAPF LTD Plan to anyone who wants the best financial protection for their members.”

– Neal Hurd, Monterey Firefighters

“Over the past 22 years, CAPF has provided the best salary protection, LTD coverage to my 2,000+ members in the LA Co. Fire Relief Association. Hundreds of my members have received well over $2 million in benefits when they have needed them the most. We are there 24 hours a day when the citizens need us, the CAPF has always been there for our brothers and sisters in their time of need. I highly recommend the CAPF Plan to all California professional firefighters!”

– John Haugh, Director and former President, LA County Firemen’s Relief Association

“It is with great respect and honor that I recommend the CAPF organization. CAPF has provided both immediate and long term income to our members when they have become disabled either on or off duty. CAPF benefits have been the financial life-line and we truly appreciate being part of one of the best non-profit, member owned associations in the state!”

-Joel DeGuzman, Torrance Firefighters

“I wanted to thank you for your service. My long-term disability benefits really helped me make it through the transition from a successful career in the fire services to an unexpected retirement. Your service was very good and my benefits arrived in a timely manner each month. I would recommend this benefit to any of my brother in the fire services.”

-C.T., City of San Mateo Fire

“Thank you so much for helping me through my injury. You are all very professional & helpful!”

-J.R., Oakland Firefighters

“Thank you CAPF administrators! I was told recently by a co-worker that CAPF was administered great, but you have even exceeded my expectations with your quick & comprehensive responses.”

-J.G., San Francisco Firefighters

“CAPF certainly was a God-send while we waited for CalPers to figure out what they were going to do. Thanks again”

-G.G., Yuba City Firefighters

“I wanted to formally thank CAPF and its administrators for “caring” and looking after us like you do. This extra money and retro I will be receiving will sure help unload some of the stress, that this injury has caused my family and I. CAPF did not treat me like a “criminal”

-S.M., Montebello Firefighters

“Thanks for your assistance. You were instrumental in helping with a smooth transition from an active firefighter to a retired one.”

-M.F., Oakland Firefighters

“I want to thank you for all you have done for my family and I. Unfortunately, I know someday another Firefighter will need your service. Thanks again for everything.”

-T.R., Riverside Firefighters