How to File a Claim

How To File A Claim

Contact California Public Safety Administrators, Inc., the Plan Administrator, at

CALL 800-832-7333

Choose option #1.

Initial Contact: The receptionist will verify your social security number, department, address, phone number, email address, and beneficiary information. This helps us to make sure all of your paperwork goes to the right place.

Your call will then be directed to a Claims Administrator. The Claims Administrator will ask the following questions:

1. Describe your illness or injury with specfics.

2. How did the injury occur?

3. Did it happen on- or off-duty?

4. What is the date of injury or diagnosis of illness?

5. When was the last day you worked?

6. How long does your doctor anticipate you will be off work?

7. What pay status are you currently on (i.e. Labor Code 4850 pay, personal leave balances, donations, retirement)?

8. Approximately how much personal leave do you have on the books?

9. What is your job title?

10. How many years current on the job? How many total sworn years on the job?

11. Do you have any other retirements outside of your current employer (i.e. military)?

12. Do you have an attorney? (Name and phone number)

13. If disablity is job related, what is the contact information for your Workers’ Comp. carrier and adjuster?

14. Have you ever had previous time off for the same or similar disability?

Following the intake of all information the claim will be classified and assigned a Claims Administrator. Then a claim packet will be sent to you for completion. Once you have returned all of the paperwork the claim goes into review status. Please follow up with our office 10 days after mailing paperwork to verify receipt. This will help you avoid any delays because paperwork did not arrive.

We cannot begin the review process until all of your paperwork including medical information has arrived.