Information Update Forms

Contact Information Update Form

Have you moved? Changed your email address or phone number?
If so, use the Contact Information Update form by clicking the button below.

Change of Beneficiary Card

Have any of the following events occurred that would trigger a change for your beneficiary?
New marriage?
Dissolution of Marriage?
Death of chosen beneficiary?
Creation of a Living Trust?
Children that have come of age
(18 years old)?

Please click on the Change of Beneficiary Form button below
(Please do not designate minors as your beneficiary).

More Ways to Submit Information Update Forms – 2 More Easy Ways

There are 2 more easy ways to submit your completed information forms.

Click on the Members dropdown and go to the printable forms tab, then you can submit your information update in one of the following ways:

Traditional Mail - Submit Your Information Update Forms Via Mail (Click Here)

Please print, sign and mail your completed form to:

Information Update
255 Scottsville Blvd.
Jackson, CA 95642

Scan & Upload - Submit your Completed Information Update Forms (Click Here)