$24.50 Safety Group Plan

Monthly Cost $24.50 per month
Percentage of
Wages Protected*
100% of wages for Catastrophic Disabilities for up to 30 months - not to exceed maximum monthly benefit
80% of wages Non-Industrial Disability
70% of wages Industrial Disability (75% with deductible income)
(No reductions for Workers' Compensation permanent disability settlements)
Maximum Benefit $10,000 per month, tax-free
Waiting Period 30 calendar days - Earlier reduced benefits may be payable based on lack of personal leave down to zero days. $750 per month Minimum Benefit after 60 days ($500 per month if Industrial caused), freeze of personal leave after 60 days. No benefits are payable if working full-time, light or modified duty.
Benefit Period Lifetime Coverage of Sickness, Accident, & Pregnancy
Sick Leave Integration Benefit After 60 days, you may use 50% sick leave and receive a 50% benefit from Plan or use 100% sick leave and receive $750 per month ($500 per month if Industrial caused).
Cost of Living Benefit (COLA) 4% compounded per year (years 2-7) thereafter, CPI increase to age 65 and then benefits continued lifetime.
Musculoskeletal & Connective Tissue Disorders Covered, no restrictions lifetime Industrial and Non-Industrial causes.
Benefits Payable During Challenged Workers' Compensation Cases After 60 calendar days – 70% of wages or Maximum Benefit of $10,000 per month (repayable if settled in your favor).
Waiver of Payment Waiver of Payment after no-pay status.
Minimum Monthly Benefit $750 per month – paid in addition to personal leave after 60 calendar days ($500 per month if Industrial caused).
Pre-Existing Medical Condition Coverage If you enroll during your initial enrollment period, all pre-existing medical conditions will be covered once you have been in the Plan for twenty-four (24) / forty-eight (48)* months, unless you are eligible for the Prior Coverage Credit – otherwise, pre-existing medical conditions will not be covered.
Survivorship Benefit Nine (9) months additional benefits to dependent beneficiary.
Death Benefit $15,000 Death Benefit** on- or off-duty – natural, accidental or terminal illness (Payable and delivered usually within 24 hours of notification).***


* Maximum percentages reflect amount payable after completion of (a) waiting period, (b) freeze of sick leave option, or (c) sick leave integration. Offsetting Benefit/Income Amounts are applied to reduce amount from the Plan
** The Death Benefit for suicide is limited to $2,000 for the first 24 months of participation in the Plan.
*** Forty-eight months for Death Benefits and for HIV, AIDS, and ARC.


For Illustration only. Please see Plan Documents for full description.



CAPF provides superior Long Term Disability Coverage to over 16,000 Fire Service Participants – since 1985.