CAPF Executive Board


Erick Mattson, Redding Firefighters


Vice President South

Steve Sandefer, Hemet Firefighters


Vice President North

Aimee New, Lodi Firefighters


Chief Financial Officer

Dennis Campanale, West Sacramento Firefighters


Executive Secretary

Nick Faraclas, Riverside Firefighters


Benefits Committee

Committee Chair: Aimee New, City of Sonora Firefighters

Art Armaro, Gilroy Firefighters

Eric Laughlin, Woodside Firefighters

Doug Summers, Chino Valley Firefighters


Claims Committee

Committee Chair: Steve Sandefer, Hemet Firefighters

Bryan Hauser, West Covina Firefighters

Rick Kehr, Redwood City Firefighters

David Perusse, Beverly Hills Firemen's Association

Steve Warner, Ross Valley Firefighters


Howard Brown, Milipitas Firefighters


CAPF provides superior Long Term Disability Coverage to over 16,000 Fire Service Participants – since 1985.